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Cigar Market by Country

Cigarsmarket data and market analysis cultivates your awareness of the cigars market around the world and the greater competitive environment, ensuring accurate and focused strategies for your business and Cigar sales outlet before buying a great cigar domain Cigar Report

Cigars in Lithuania

Lithuania lacks a tradition of cigar/cigarillos smoking, which, coupled with strict advertising restrictions, remain the largest impediment to growth. Cigars was non-existent before the independence of the country and increasing supply was preceded … Cigar Report

Cigars in Australia

Retail volume sales of cigars continued to decline in 2013 as a result of tax excise increases and the plain packaging legislation. Cigar volume sales experienced a 3% decline during the year to account for 64 million units. Current retail value … Cigar Report

Cigars in Mexico

In Mexico, cigar and cigarillo smoking does not have a strong tradition, since these tobacco products are regarded by most consumers as luxury items to be consumed on a special occasion. Many people find cigars unpleasant to consume, because of their… Cigar Report

Cigars in Cameroon

Sales of cigars remained negligible in Cameroon in 2013. Cigars are discreetly sold exclusively at high-end hotels, with poor consistency in the stock which is available. In addition, cigars can occasionally be found for sale in neighbourhoods where … Cigar Report

Cigars in Italy

Per capita cigar consumption in Italy is among the highest in the world. The country has a rich and deep-rooted tradition when it comes to cigars, in terms of both production and smoking. Cigar Report

Cigars in Egypt

Similar to the trends witnessed in cigarettes, cigars have also been affected by the significant increase in taxation towards the middle of the review period, causing unit prices to surge and retail volume sales to decline. Following steady growth … Cigar Report

Cigars in Portugal

Although the cigar category in Portugal is developing dynamically, it remains a small niche in terms of total tobacco sales. Many consumers still regard cigars as expensive items to be smoked only on special occasions rather than on an everyday … Cigar Report

Cigars in Finland

In Finland, cigar smoking (excluding cigarillos) is not overtly common. Most often it is enjoyed at festive occasions or after a special meal. Cigars are indeed considered luxury items in Finland and much connected to the urban lifestyle. However, … Cigar Report

Cigars in Greece

Cigar smoking in Greece was traditionally a habit of the affluent or a means of showing off among male consumers from lower socio-economic groups. However, this tradition has changed as a result of the recession. Only the very affluent could afford … Cigar Report

Cigars in Venezuela

By tradition, cigar smoking is regarded a practice in upper-income groups, especially amongst men over 30 years of age. Over the review period, it has been detected that this practice has boomed, with cigar and wine tastings taking place in key … Cigar Report

Cigars in Colombia

Low quality homemade cigars known as chicotes are still widely consumed in Colombia. They are especially popular among farmers, elderly people and lower income consumers. The popularity of chicotes has historically restricted demand for commercially … Cigar Report

Cigars in the United Kingdom

The shift from cigars to cigarillos continued in 2013. Cigar smoking has been heavily hit since 2007, which saw the introduction of a smoking ban in public places, including restaurants and bars. As such, cigar smokers face the tough choice between … Cigar Report

Cigars in Switzerland

Smoking cigars and cigarillos has a long history in Switzerland, with the stereotypical public image of cigars tending to involve premium hand-rolled products smoked by middle-aged and elderly men, whilst cigarillos are purchased mainly by younger … Cigar Report

Cigars in Chile

Consumption of cigars remained low in Chile in 2013 due to the extremely high retail pricing of cigars and, to a lesser extent, cigarillos, which makes them unaffordable to the majority of Chilean consumers. Although there have been various attempts … Cigar Report

Cigars in Kenya

Cigar and cigarillos do not have a strong market in Kenya and their consumption tradition is weak. This can be attributed to high pricing; limited distribution of these products and also consumer perception, where they are viewed as high end products… Cigar Report

Cigars in Saudi Arabia

The cigar category in Saudi Arabia is still niche due to very little information and consumer awareness of the different types of cigars. This is gradually changing and premium handmade cigars (mostly imported from Cuba) are enjoying growth. This is … Cigar Report

Cigars in Hong Kong, China

Global cigar/cigarillos brands are more appealing to Hong Kong customers since the global reputation creates a more prestigious image for brands and customers have more knowledge about that. In addition, local consumers as well as mainland shoppers … Cigar Report

Cigars in Belgium

Belgium has a long tradition of cigar smoking, in particular standard cigars and cigarillos. Belgium is one of the biggest consumers of cigarillos in Europe. The country used to be an important cigar producer. The cigars category in Belgium is … Cigar Report

Cigars in France

In France, cigars and cigarillos are usually consumed after a meal or during social gatherings among friends. Traditionally, the majority of smokers of cigars and cigarillos in France are older males. While cigars tend to be consumed on special … Cigar Report

Cigars in Spain

Spain is one of the ten leading countries at global level in terms of per capita cigar consumption. The country has traditionally been a major cigar manufacturer and cigar consumption has been very high among Spaniards for generations. The main … Cigar Report

Cigars in Morocco

Cigars remains a niche category in Morocco due to the very low levels of information and limited consumer awareness of the different types of cigars which are available. Moroccan consumers tend to concentrate on standard cigars as the prices of these… Cigar Report

Cigars in Pakistan

Pakistan’s cigar category is limited in comparison with smoking production as a whole in Pakistan. The majority of the category in dominated by cigars imported from different parts of the world. There is no specific legislation related to the sale of… Cigar Report

Cigars in Russia

The tradition of smoking cigars is not very common in Russia. Cigar smoking is not cheap and not for all smokers affordable fun. Cigar smoking is a kind of ritual, taking time in a quiet environment. Typically the cigar-smoking man is associated with… Cigar Report

Cigars in Algeria

Cigars and cigarillos smoking is not a traditional habit in Algeria. Smokers prefer cigarettes, smoking and smokeless tobacco. The presence of cigars is limited to the domestic production of two brands, Targui and Rummel, by the public company SNTA, … Cigar Report

Cigars in Germany

Cigar and cigarillo (excluding eco-cigarillos) smoking has a long history in Germany but has suffered from the public smoking bans in the foodservice channel and other public places, which were imposed in 2007 and later. The introduction of an excise… Cigar Report

Cigars in Austria

There is no established tradition in Austria for smoking cigars and cigarillos. It is estimated that only 3% of all Austrians smoke cigars, and these are mainly cigar and cigarillo enthusiasts. In 2012, consumers continuously demanded more premium … Cigar Report

Cigars in Taiwan

According to statistics provided by the Treasury Agent under the Ministry of Finance, the total number of cigars imported increased by 104% in volume terms in 2011, but fell by 45% in 2012. However, 2011 represented an outlier, with unusually high … Cigar Report

Cigars in the Philippines

Up to the review period, the smoking of cigars/cigarillos continued to be limited to the upper echelon of society. This is understandable considering the premium image placed on Philippine cigars, known worldwide as among the best, thanks to the … Cigar Report

Cigars in Iran

Sales of cigars remained very marginal during 2012 as Iranian consumers are not used to smoking cigars on a daily basis. The availability of cigars also remained very weak during 2012 and cigars could be found only in few tobacco specialists and … Cigar Report

Cigars in the Netherlands

The typical cigar smoker in the Netherlands is male, and aged 35 years and above. Education and loyalty are two main aspects on which both manufacturers and retailers are focusing in order to generate demand and create a shift towards premium … Cigar Report

Cigars in Israel

In 2012, the cigars category in Israel achieved growth of 4% in volume terms and 20% in current value terms to reach sales of NIS55 million. This performance marked a slowdown in volume terms but an increase in value terms as a result of price … Cigar Report

Cigars in Thailand

Cigar consumption in Thailand tends to mainly rely on upper-income groups and foreign tourists. The product is perceived as a luxury item and cigar smoking as a kind of luxury activity amongst affluent people. The demand of cigars in Thailand is not … Cigar Report

Cigars in the United Arab Emirates

The category is mostly dominated by cigarillos, which are mass products, accounting for a84% volume share. Cigars excluding cigarillos, accounts for the remaining 16%, with standard cigars representing the majority of the category, followed by small … Cigar Report

Cigars in Guatemala

There is no tradition for cigar smoking in Guatemala. In fact, the country remains at the very low end in terms of per capita consumption when compared with other countries in Latin America. The product tends to be consumed by high-income male … Cigar Report

Cigars in Georgia

The tradition of smoking cigars and cigarillos is rather weak in Georgia as cigarettes were the only tobacco products available in Georgia during the Soviet era. The smoking of cigars and cigarillos was regarded as an evil of capitalism and it was … Cigar Report

Cigars in South Korea

The retail volume of cigars decreased by 11% in 2012 due to standard cigars and cigarillos both showing weak performance. Even though interest in cigars continues to increase amongst young adult smokers, they mainly purchase cigars through internet … Cigar Report

Cigars in Costa Rica

Throughout the years, Costa Rican smokers have not developed any significant culture related to cigar smoking, preferring in a larger degree cigarettes due to their wide availability and affordable unit prices. Still, tourism activity and the … Cigar Report

Cigars in Estonia

Cigars is primarily purchased by consumers with higher incomes who are unlikely to consume cigarettes on a daily basis. Hence, cigars products are smoked in order to enjoy the product rather than satisfy the need for nicotine. Cigarillos, on the … Cigar Report

Cigars in Serbia

The culture of cigars smoking remained underdeveloped in Serbia, mostly due to low consumer awareness about cigars. Cigar Report

Cigars in Vietnam

Traditionally, cigars in Vietnam are premium products with very niche demand, restricted to the most affluent consumers. In business relationships in particular, cigars are usually regarded as ideal gifts for business partners. As such, demand for … Cigar Report

Cigars in Azerbaijan

There is no strong tradition for cigar smoking in Azerbaijan. Consumers are not really familiar with cigar smoking-related culture and customs. However, the popularity of cigars started to grow in 2001, when people started to search for uniqueness, … Cigar Report

Cigars in the Czech Republic

There is a long tradition for smoking cigars in the Czech Republic. The first cigars appeared in Bohemia in the 18th century and immediately became popular. During the communist era only cigars from Cuba and other socialist countries in Central … Cigar Report

Cigars in Hungary

Tobacco consumption in Hungary is primarily cigarette driven. Cigars are considered as luxury and only a small proportion of affluent smokers light cigars. The demand for cigarillos is determined by price: expensive premium brands are niche, while … Cigar Report

Cigars in Denmark

There are a high number of female cigar smokers as traditionally it has been accepted for women to smoke cigars. Cigars had a small recovery amongst the younger generation aged 25-35 of both genders, especially in the mid-to-late 1990s. During the … Cigar Report

Cigars in Slovakia

Cigars do not have a strong tradition in Slovakia as consumers prefer to smoke cigarettes because of their better availability and lower prices. Cigars are only bought by a small group of consumers who smoke occasionally and enjoy smoking. Cigar Report

Cigars in South Africa

Smoking cigars in South Africa continues to be a social trend which is practiced only occasionally. Moreover, cigar consumption amongst South African consumers continues to be perceived as a luxury and a sign of status and wealth; consumption remains… Cigar Report

Cigars in Kazakhstan

Cigars are typically only purchased occasionally in Kazakhstan and only wealthy people can afford to smoke cigars regularly in the country. In addition, the fact cigars are often purchased as presents makes cigars sales seasonal. Some people also … Cigar Report

Cigars in Norway

In Norway, cigars has traditionally been a niche category, consumed mainly by “aficionados” or “connoisseurs”. Cigars are considered luxury products in a different class to cigarettes and are usually smoked on special occasions or holidays. Tobacco … Cigar Report

Cigars in Belarus

There is no tradition of smoking cigars or cigarillos in Belarus. Moreover, cigars and cigarillos are perceived as luxury products and are expensive and very often unaffordable for Belarusian consumers. These products are still novelties in Belarus. …