About Cigars market research has the world’s most comprehensive research on the cigars category within the tobacco industry. We monitor and analyze industry trends around the world, including in-depth data on market share and market size – from the “whole picture” qualitative analysis; down to specific category data. data and market analysis cultivates your organization’s awareness of the cigars market and the greater competitive environment, ensuring accurate and focused strategies for your business.

A resource for your entire organization, market research supports every level of business, assisting in strategic development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management.

Our cigars market research answers questions such as:

  •  What is the market size of cigars?
  •  What are the major brands in cigars?
  •  What are the main distribution channels for cigars and which are performing well?
  •  What is the proportion of hand-made versus machine manufactured cigars?

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